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Montag, Februar 18th, 2008

Following some advice on Dave MacLeod’s website, I had ordered some campus boards and a pull-up bar for warm-up, in order to start finger-boarding and campus-boarding, which arrived today at my place of work. My neighbours might not have been overly thrilled to hear my drill at around eight o’clock, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. My ceiling is quite low, so i put up just three campus rungs, but start out from the pull-up bar and it is quite strenuous for me at my current level of fitness to get to the top as it is. The other three from the set and an additional bar I had ordered are for Rikita, who will have exactly the same setup as me at her place.

Additionally, we split a shipment of 30 tiny holds, which we plan to put up to practice some technical moves.  When Rikita’s father heard of our plans, his first and apparently quite heart-felt comment was: „Freaks.“ 😉