Berlin – Kirchbachspitze

Hot weather in Berlin yesterday, temperatures at around 30 degrees. Nevertheless we met up with Heinrich at the Kirchbachspitze. My injuries from the Brunkensen incident seemed to be almost gone before the weekend, but the ribs played up a bit before the climbing already. Heinrich started leading on most routes and although I wasn’t hurting too much, the pain did definitely constrict my movements a fair bit. I just did the lead on a 6+ (5.10a) Heinrich wanted to toprope and finished a compartively hard 5+ (5.8) for some girls, who couldn’t get the crux on the lead (they managed in toprope afterwards). However, there I had to twist a bit, and that definitely didn’t do my ribs any good. By the time we got home, I was in agony.

I hope that everything will be back to normal for the next weekend, as we are considering to spend yet another weekend at the Ith, provided the weather will be ok.

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