Harz – Bouldering in the Okertal

I had planned for some time now to head down to the Harz in order to get the bouldering going again, which I have neglected this year so far. The weather seemed ideal, not too warm and not to cold, and thus I cycled bravely the 60 or 65 km to the Studentenklippen. Unfortunately it was extremely windy, so the ride was anything but pleasureable – on top I missed the darn parking spot again, thus losing valuable time.

I had somehow hoped to meet other boulderers there, perhaps being allowed to use a crashpad or join in, but I was the only one there. So I had no choice but to look for easy problems, which I could surely manage without crashes or other mishaps. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds – even if I found more boulders than the last time, most of the time I spent swaggering about the rocks.

Nevertheless, I found a few problems I could try, the highlight was „Nostromo“ at the Alien boulder. In addition to the few new ones, I repeated some of the ones I had already done.

The idea to go there wasn’t bad in itself, but I had left home much too late, had too little time and was too done in to enjoy the outing properly. And without a crashpad and someone spotting you the risk of injury is just too high.

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