Berlin – Kirchbachspitze

Fine weather in Berlin, so we met up with Heinrich and went climbing at the Kirchbachspitze on Saturday. We mainly did easy routes, which went rather smoothly, apart from two little snags, once I didn’t have enough quickdraws on me, the other one was a weird little mishap, when my quickdraw somehow got entangled in my harness when going past it.  Later in the afternoon Carl joined us, and I rounded off my day with working on an 8- (5.11 a/b), which I managed about half-way – so I will have a little project the next time(s?) we are there.  I had a good point of reference with the route I did before that, which had stopped me cold last summer, when I first attempted it and I actually had to ask someone to bring my quickdraws down – this time it was almost too easy, apart from a little artistic intermezzo that prompted Carl to almost pull me down, as he assumed I was about to fall – in reality I just took one hold dynamically and needed a few seconds to balance out the movement.

Rikita starting the second route of the day

Me at the same route

Heinrich had to be careful with an arm he had injured first during our Harz course, so I went on the lead on all 5 routes we climbed. Rikita did very well, and seems much more confident.  I think there is some definite improvement, as she managed some routes she had struggled with previously with some ease.

Heinrich on the first route we climbed

If everything goes according to plan, we will climb together with Heinrich and Sigrid at the Ith next weekend. As much as I enjoyed the Kirchbachspitze, I prefer real rock by now and am looking forward to that.

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