Hildesheim – DAV Gym

Long week… so I am getting to write about it just now…

Two sessions at the Hildesheim DAV Gym, one on Sunday and one on Thursday. In keeping with the recommendations of the coach of our course on the weekend, we prepared in climbing everything on the lead.

On Sunday Rikita did very well and managed quite a few routes. Not much to report about me there, just that I did one 7 on the lead I hadn’t done before.

On Thursday Rikita showed me a few technical things we were supposed to know for the course, for example belaying from above with HMS. She had a panic attack on the lead on a route she had managed on Sunday, froze and eventually managed to jump off over the quickdraw. Obviously that was the worst possible moment for this to happen, thus shaking her confidence again.

I finally got my „good“ shoes back and we geared up for the weekend, getting a few more slings and nuts.

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