Berlin – T-Hall

Since it was supposed to rain, we met up with Sigrid and her son Jonas at the T-Hall yesterday. With the lead course just two weeks away, we followed the recommendation of the course coach and just climbed on the lead. After the first easy route, we were approached by two guys and later two girls, who had never climbed on the lead and gave them a brief introduction.

I didn’t try anything spectacular, one 7+ I had never attempted before, which went up in a roof part to become an 8 there, but since I had never done a roof before I stopped at the last quickdraw of the overhang. I tried an easier roof route later, but didn’t quite finish that one, but will definitely try it again the next time we are there.

Rikita did ok, but still feels a bit insecure on slightly more demanding routes, hopefully the strategy of not climbing toprope at all will eventually show a beneficial effect.

It is sunny now, so we might go to the Kirchbachspitze later.

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